Monthly Archives: March 2021

Keep Up With Payables: Entering Bills in QuickBooks

Did you resolve to pay bills on time in 2021? Here’s how QuickBooks can help. Managing your paper bills manually is a dangerous practice. It’s too easy to lose them, for one thing, and it’s impossible to keep all of those vendors and amounts in your head. Even if you keep them in a safe…
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Keep Up With Payables: Paying Bills in QuickBooks

It’s not your favorite accounting task, but QuickBooks makes bill-paying easier. Last month, we described the process of entering bills in QuickBooks. We discussed how you can’t pay bills without first entering them (Vendors | Enter Bills). We went over the steps required to memorize them to save time and repetitive data entry. And we…
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How Do You Add Users in QuickBooks Online?

If you have one or more people besides yourself using QuickBooks Online, you’ll need to know how to set up their accounts. Your QuickBooks Online file contains a great deal of very sensitive information, like customers’ credit card numbers and employees’ Social Security numbers – data you don’t want to have fall into the wrong…
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