Being in the black can mean a lot of different things. For most business owners, it means being profitable. When a business owner sets out on a new venture, establishing a profitable business is one, if not the only, driver. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs get lost in the day-to-day tasks of running the business and forget their main purpose.


As your accounting professional and Profit and Growth Expert we apply The Universal Business Model to help maximize the profitability of your business. Each month we apply our financial expertise, combined with access to a variety of analytical tools, to assess your business's financial position and progress.


With our help you can improve your business's financial position using The Wisdom Pyramid. Here's a short list of what you will accomplish:


Know how your business stacks up against the competition with a professional business assessment.

Recognize your business's strengths and weaknesses, and use that awareness to improve your profitability. Consider this a Day with your CFO.

Identify trends that expose what is both helping and hindering to your business.

Take advantage of tax benefits through regular reviews of your financials.