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Expand QuickBooks Online’s Features: Use Integrated Apps

Are you finding that you need more flexibility in an area of QuickBooks Online? Maybe it’s time to try an integrated app. When you first started using QuickBooks Online, you probably found that it supplied the tools you needed to manage your accounting – and then some. But if your business has grown or become…
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Are You Using QuickBooks’ Custom Fields? Should You Be?

QuickBooks was designed to be used by numerous types of small businesses. Custom fields help you tailor it to meet your own needs. One of the reasons that QuickBooks is so popular is that it can be used by a wide variety of business types, from pet stores to landscaping companies to coffee shops. Many…
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Record Expenses in QuickBooks Online and On Your Phone

The money you spend to run your business must be recorded conscientiously for your taxes and reports. Here’s how to do it. You undoubtedly keep a very close watch on the money coming into your business. You record payments as soon as they come in and deposit them in your company’s bank account. But are…
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How Do You Connect to Your Banks in QuickBooks?

Importing your bank transactions into QuickBooks saves time, improves accuracy, and makes you a better money manager. It’s been a long time since your only options for learning about your bank balances and cleared transactions involved your telephone and your monthly statement. These days, accounting software and websites allow you to set up online connections…
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